Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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so King and Queen don't have hides?
who's reaching now. marco's knee made him bleed even with his "next level" hide.. and he specifically used a Shockwave against Queen.

Shockwaves by pass the hides without getting absorbed even partially like blunt attacks..

and you' re just being ignorant if you're denying this common sense
Show one panel where the Ancient Zoan users were told to have hides.

Their durability isn't like Kaido's lol. They don't have any form of scales which force you to bypass it. That's the reason they can be hurt by normal attacks as well.
:suresure: funny because every time I say something about Zoro, you're instantly quoting me with long paragraphs. (Paragraphs I 99% ignore and never respond to)

This is a stupid argument and I don't judge how people choose to spend their time : You have like 10x my post count who plays that internet virgin archetype more. Me or you?

And I've talked to you on discord bro so im not going to stoop to throwing harsher insults at you. You love Zoro more than life itself and thats fine. Just don't instantly get personal with anyone who disagrees with your skewed opinions.

Most of this post is just a bunch of projection.
Well till next time then :sweat:


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You know what's fascinating is that each YC1 is shown to have some sort of specialization.

Kata - FS

king - his body which could also be due to CoA specialization.

If this trend continues then both Ben and Shiryu will have specialization too.

Maybe Ben has specialization in CoO or CoC

And, shiryu could have specializations in all three 😏
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