Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Luffy negs king, unlike Zoro Luffy has monstrous physical strenght and Internal Destruction haki, this makes his attacks extremely lethal so much so that he did not use it on ulti as he felt she would die from it.

And then Luffy combined his internao destruction haki with his potent Conqeurors Coating. Makes Luffy extremely lethal, as shown in chaoter 1010 when sent kaido flying, injuring him internally and ohysically from a distance.
A much, much superior version of Luffy in Kaido couldn't even neg a half dead, 30+ bones broken Zoro and got his ass permanently scarred before Zoro crumbled.

In chapter 1010, Luffy sent Kaido flying and the level of injury is literally unknown but Kaido barely looked fazed. Was literally similar damage output to something like Red Rocc. Obviously, this was in base so that's impressive, but don't overwank lol. That version of Luffy was trashed mid-diff by Kaido in less than 20 minutes.

That's only true against Kaido since you need to bypass scales. Not against everyone else. You're actually making stuff up now.
so King and Queen don't have hides?
who's reaching now. marco's knee made him bleed even with his "next level" hide.. and he specifically used a Shockwave against Queen.

Shockwaves by pass the hides without getting absorbed even partially like blunt attacks..

and you' re just being ignorant if you're denying this common sense
Imo I don't believe the gap is big, for now my ranking would go Ben>King>Katakuri>Marco.
Literally my powerscaling so far.
I see all three of these guys are close to each other(Kata,King and Marco).
The only one who im not sure so far is BenBeckman, if he is a low top tier then he is indeed close to the other YC as the top of the list.
But if he is mid top tier, he is close to Shanks rather to the others.^^
Weakness that made him fodder to Boundman unlike the weakest YC3 Cracker who dominated Boundman
It doesn't matter. You're someone that holds CoC at the highest regard, you have to hold Doffy to the same standard. His portrayal is far above Queen or Jack since he has both Awakening and CoC. Feats are secondary and plot driven.
:suresure: funny because every time I say something about Zoro, you're instantly quoting me with long paragraphs. (Paragraphs I 99% ignore and never respond to)

This is a stupid argument and I don't judge how people choose to spend their time : You have like 10x my post count who plays that internet virgin archetype more. Me or you?

And I've talked to you on discord bro so im not going to stoop to throwing harsher insults at you. You love Zoro more than life itself and thats fine. Just don't instantly get personal with anyone who disagrees with your skewed opinions.

Most of this post is just a bunch of projection.
Okay let me give you the logic behind this and try to keep your mind open and read a multiple times if the logic is too advanced for you.

Kaido is hyped as the most durable character in the world.
Kaido no sells barrage of G4 hits
He takes nearly zero damage from Gamma knife.

One Tatsumaki from Zoro gives Kaido
-Big cut on his body
-Killer says he cut through his scales
-Kaido says that hurts
-Big Mom says that boy really just cut Kaido
-Kaido coughs up internal blood

That was the most damage Kaido has taken in the entire arc so far with exception of Zoro's Ashura, Oden's Togen Totsuka and Luffy's CoC attacks.

Yet same attack that damaged the most durable character in the series failed to do any damage to King at all. So Zoro's Attack power that is battle tested against the most durable (or second most durable after king) man in the world is tanked by King.

Sanji's Attack Power hasn't failed for the first time
-Doffy took his diable jambe attacks and laughed at them
-Exhausted Luffy took those attacks
-Sanji's hells memories is only tested against the fodder fish.

Katakuri failed to K.O the man who was K.Oed by Kaido's non Advanced CoC thunder Bagua and that was no PIS or Gag scene.
Zoro on the other hand took Hakai head on, yes all of Hakai as told to us by Law.
Then he no sold, literally no sold an advanced CoC thunder bagua to the face, after tanking Hakai.

Yet King is damaging that Zoro and getting an upper hand.

But you know all that, I know you did but you are morally corrupt and disingenuous and decided to lie once again to bring your point across.
King blocked it, Kaido didnt
YO wait a minute.

- Zoro: "Of course ... I have a debt to honor to my captain and my best friend !!!"

Is Sanji Zoro’s best friend.
apparently he's talking about Luffy and it makes sense. both sanji and zoro chaps have it.. that means the next chap is a wuffy chap.

tbh sanji's was a bit more touching.. but let's see how it is in the chapter itself after it come out
- Zoro: "What I lack is strength !!
Is it possible that Oden was able to use you easily even when you absorbed so much Haki? Huh, Enma? "

Zoro: "What should I do? Should I regulate my Haki? No ... I'll give you what you want !!"

I am curios guys, Zoro first reaction to why he cant tame Enma is: I lack strength. He reaches that conclusion because until now Zoro idea to tame Enma is to feed Enma with unlimited ryuo. And Zoro cant keep up with this strategy based on the past chapter. But Oden wasnt using the same strategy (so saying that Oden is much more stronger is wrong).

At the end Zoro reaches the conclusion that is not his strength the problem but like Zoro said : Should I control even more my ryou? No...I ll give you waht you want(coc)!! (around folder are getting knowdown) so coc.

I am reading it correctly?

Because the moment Zoro will achive the blacken blade he will surpass Oden (that what hitetsu said)
I think Oda just wants him to unlock CoC to control Enma.
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