Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Hopefully Oda actually gives us back to back chapters of Zoro vs King and finishes it instead of jumping between like 50 different fights

Each fight should get pretty much complete focus till it's done but knowing Oda next chapter will be about Luffy vs Kaido instead of Zoro vs King
A much, much superior version of Luffy in Kaido couldn't even neg a half dead, 30+ bones broken Zoro and got his ass permanently scarred before Zoro crumbled.

In chapter 1010, Luffy sent Kaido flying and the level of injury is literally unknown but Kaido barely looked fazed. Was literally similar damage output to something like Red Rocc. Obviously, this was in base so that's impressive, but don't overwank lol. That version of Luffy was trashed mid-diff by Kaido in less than 20 minutes.
Kaido was pushed to high diff by Oda's own words in sbs 100 , the databook kaido vivre card and what Kaido himself said in the manga.

It does not matter what you Z boys state, when the author himself does not supoort your headcannon.
Do you really think king doesn't have what it takes to tie up haki with underlying benefits he has for being Lunarian?

Also, we don't know why Lunarian had such bodies? Yes there is no direct evidence as of now linking CoA with it but we are at a stage in OP where haki is coming up everywhere
King is hyped because of his race here , not haki or COC, even an lunarian kid would be much much stronger then a regular humen.


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Not at all, Queen is dropping lore about Lunarians in general.

What i can stand is a wank that sounds much more like desperation to fit agendas
Well queen is definitely hyping king (highlighted part) specifically via Lunarian

He even went on to call Lunarians God's of ancient times which once again indirectly reference to King's strength
- Queen: "That guy is a survivor of the" Lunaria tribe ", which was wiped out.
A monster that can survive in any environment in the world.
In ancient times they were called "Gods" !!
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