Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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-Zoro: "What should I do? Should I regulate my Haki? No ... I'll give you what you want !!"

Haters : So Zoro gonna give Oden's haki to Enma ? :gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
No, zolo giving his haki to Enma as a toll for him to use it’s magical ability and Oden’s haki from Enma:cantseeme:

Even Kaido and BM can feel Oden’s haki/presence from Enma:beckmoji:
Cope a little harder.

It doesn't matter if they spit the "heavens". Their attacks still wouldn't have scarred Kaido.

Who cares if Yamato has bad observation skills. Kaido acknowledged Zoro scarred him. That's what's important.

The fact Zoro scarred Kaido while severely weaken and injured makes it even more impressive.
Oh so you are measuring Kaido’s reaction on how much Zoro damaged him, meanwhile ignoring all of Luffy’s potrayal (which surpasses Zoro btw) in the roof top. Hypocrite much? Kaido had much more expressive and pronounced reaction towards Luffy and that is a fact. Kaido actually actively decided to dodge Luffy’s attacks and use his strongest attack like raganarku on 1 on 1 against Luffy.
well the nine scabban are all YC3 or YC2+ like dejiro so they are not weak and yet they refuse to use Enma.
true, but one who fear the sword is not fit to wield it.
the scabbards are very strong and their willpower is off the charts, but they lack ambition, they're just trying to fulfil their master's ambition.
zoro wants to become a king, he fears nothing, he conquers, that seems to be the requirements, because the relationship between the sword and swordsman should be based on control.
Rooftop Zoro had a significantly better performance than Rooftop Luffy.

More fanon.

A massive difference between Kaido and King also hasn't been shown either.
Lmao, zolo can’t even put down Kaido on his Knees and zolo won’t even last a couple of seconds if he 1v1 Kaido unlike what Yamato and Luffy did:cheers:
Stage 1. base
Stage 2. Counting your enemies and theirs strength
Stage 3. FS
Stage 4. Detect emotions (only seen by Luffy for now)

Stage 1. Base
Stage 2. Invisible armor
Stage 3. Internal destruction
Stage 4. ??

Stage 1. Base
Stage 2. CoC coating
Stage 3. ??
Stage 4. ??


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King admired Kaido's strength and joined because of that. They don't have a Captain/Vice captain relationship.
  1. King is Kaido's right hand man, his strongest subordinate and the leader of his All Stars.
  2. King is the only All Star that Kaido brought with him to attack Marineford.

Show me a attack that Zoro has done that more power fully than what luffy did to don and this post Udon luffy.
Where luffy also destroy don haki attack and defence the same time and smash a huge part of the island .
This is utter nonsense, but here you go:

Better performance than rooftop luffy but yet Zoro is still struggling against king? Zoro was not or will ever be stronger than luffy.

Even the gap right now is huge….
That's because King is himself decently above Post Udon Luffy.
The one time Zoro probably wasn't regulating his haki through enma was when he used asura. As he said, he put everything into that attack.
That was also coincidentally the time when he used CoC

So what if, by letting enma take what it wants, Zoro is able to draw out his CoC, allowing him to damage King.
Also, I think this shows exactly how strong Oden was. He had mastered enma, roof zoro hadn't, and look what roof zoro was capable of doing.

Oden was a low top tier and imo could push any admiral to high diff.


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It is so funny some Zoro fanboys do not understand the importance of coc splitting heavens. Kaido said only very few people can use advanced coc. And out of those few, fewer can actually create an attack so powerful that it reaches heavens. Luffy canonically is shown to have the attack power on the levels of top tiers.
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