Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Kitetsu Wanker

Thoughts on the full summary?
Do you consider adv Coc as a powerup for Zoro?
Incredible chapter, not much else to say. Beautiful re-use of all Zoro's childhood flashbacks with new scenes with Kozaburo.
Of course, this is the first power-up for Zoro in post-TS that is useful all the time unlike Flamerend convenience here and there.
aCoC also boosts only Zoro's firepower, none of his other stats are affected. Only the effectiveness of cutting is increased.

All other stats are at the required top tier level as I have said, even firepower was but Oda had to put the toughest in the world vs Zoro...
But you could say that it is expected, Zoro always gets ridiculous challenges and King is just a beginning. :finally:
Did you enjoy ze chapter? :catpole:
Not open for further replies.