Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Kind of surprised King hasn't used his hybrid form more tbh, but I don't really mind because I like his zoan and base forms designs much more.

Queen did switch from Hybrid to zoan once iirc, but yeah, King switches forms every chapter lol.

King does seem to be a really balanced fighter in general. Skilled with the sword, monstrous physical strength, capable of using ranged attacks with fire, his beak is dangerous too.
A killing machine, the Terminator of One Piece. :myman:
King and Queen need to go down. Like bruh, these fights are eating a ridiculous amount of page time. We could have had 5 Zoro vs Kakus by now.

And Jack couldn’t get one chapter? Not even three pages? The Favouritism jumped out.
Imagine if all of Zoro's blades are letting off smoke because they are heating up with his haki, and by heating up your sword with Haki is how you turn them into Black Blades?

Also, never forget that Zoro's Hiryu Kaen made Ryuma catch on fire.
to forge a blacken blade you have to kill your opponent - I see that happening with Kaido, the Shiruy and last with Mihawk.
So 3 kill and 3 blacken blade.
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