Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Lmao stfu you dumb fuck. There is one slash line on Drake

Queen is the only one with his sword drawn, he only one with blood on his sword, the only one Drake is facing

Its absoutely hilarious Zoro fans can believe King defeated Marco, with absoute zero proof. Then literally deny Queen negging Drake when it was right in front of us.
yes one slash because it was a sneak attack
Wonder where Oda is going with this now that he has brought Zoro and King back inside Onigashima. Killer is still lurking around in there without an opponent, and Zoro is pretty close to his limits. We might be getting that team up after all. Oda can't leave Killer behind after what he is doing for the rest of those who were on the rooftop.
Killer won't help Zoro. Zoro won't allow it. He didn't even let Franky help him. That would be a huge disrespect to Zoro.

I think Oda brought Zoro inside for 2 reasons.

1 - to show off Zoro's knock out CoC power. That way there's no doubt he has CoC.

2 - to encounter Yamato. No, I don't think she's going to help him fight King but she might give him a little info on King. She might tell him King is from Lunaria race and can manipulate fire. It will be enough information for Zoro to figure out how to beat King.
So who do you think is gonna help Sanji?
Hard to tell, but someone is going to have to give him a hand.

I definitely would not be a fan if Yonko Commanders lost that easily. Jack took on the entire Sulong army, and then Sulong Neko and Duke at the same time in order to be injured enough to lose to Sulong Duke. This is supposed to be the weakest of the three. If Queen and King go down to a single opponent in a fraction of the time, that'd be piss poor.
Kouzaburou: "Each sword has its own personality
that the swordsman must learn in order to overcome it!!
A dangerous sword is a “cursed sword”!?
Foolishness!! “Cursed swords” are just “famed swords” that are feared by the weak!!
That's why they call them “cursed”!!
The sword is scary simply because it's performing its “duty” for it was made for!!
That sword I created when I was young, was the “masterpiece of my life”...
It was a sword that was so serious about doing its “duty”!!
I gave that “famed sword” the name of the King of Underworld!!!"

What did I say before?

Also, Lolo fans got stomped once again, literally in this chapter Lolo says his Haki level is no where near close to Oden's Haki level.

Funny, during all of these, Lolo doesn't remember any Mihawk flashback, he even remembers Ipponmatsu but not Mihawk :gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh:

Oden > Mihawk basically confirmed, Lolo says he is still too weak to reach Oden's Haki level, never talk or remember about Mihawk's level.

Even Shanks was mentioned in Wano, Mihawk is still MIA. :endthis:
It would've been smarter of you to just cope in silence lol
Dude i think it's right to assume the sky split is only reserved for luffy and his fights
"Bro, it's retarded to think Zoro can have ACoA. Luffy just mastered it, Zoro doesn't even know what it is."

"Dude, Zoro doesn't know he has CoC. Hell, we don't even know if he has CoC for sure, and you say he can get ACoC? Maybe in 5 arcs."

And now, "Cloud splitting is only reserved for Luffy"
King is not even surprised that Zoro has CoC, 100% he has it

This character is really amazing, at the beginning he was just a Mister One someone class who didn't talk much and in the end it's the most interesting character in the arc :finally:

Even his way of fighting is amazing, you feel Oda having fun drawing this fight :finally:
Best post-TS fight if this quality remains, tbh. It's already better than the first portion of Luffy vs Katakuri.
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