What is King’s real name?

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Like the bullshit Shishio is saying about Zoro being stronger than Kaido, I mean there is a limit to wanking someone.

I can accept opinions like Akainu or Dragon. You know, actual top dogs among top tiers and not a dude that just became one.

Zoro for me now is a low top tier around Old Rayleighs level.
@ShishioIsBack isn't serious bout that trust me. He may be really thinking that Current Zoro ~ BM but he surely knows that Zoro isn't beating Kaido 1v1.

He pushes him a lot further than Yamato tbh
I still think the fight between sanji and Queen is incomplete . Considering Queen is thrown out of onigashima . I am certain the fight will conclude in flower capital.

Looks like same will spply to King as well. Like i said this is not how oda ends his enemies . Zoan awakening will likely be last weapon .

Act 3 will definitely end with onigashima blowing up. Act 4 will be conclusion act in flower capital.
Give up bro. Loda‘s is straight trash that ain‘t happen it‘s done. Fuck wano, fuck Loda fuck One Piss. Ling couldn‘t even hit Zolo, what a pathetic way to beat Ling. Well done Loda
he didn't knock out big mom lol stop with this bullshit

big mom was just fine after his attack, she was conscious, walking around and talking to him

then she FELL ASLEEP.

King extreme diffing queen is completely head canon. he's the right hand man of kaido, confirmed by kaido himself

queen HYPED HIM UP during his fight with sanji. they are not on the same tier. please stop
She literally said it hurt

The sfx sounds used when he headbutted her indicate he cracked her skull

Marco hyped both of them and put them on the same tier

If King is 100

Then queen is 90-95
"A dragon-shaped flame (the same type of dragon that Kaidou and Momonosuke) shoots out from King's sword and burns down Kaidou's subordinates. "

lmao oda used exactly the katakuri's face scene again :milaugh:
The trauma is real considering how insane strong King is he doesn't even need to wear that mask he can protect himself from almost anyone it's a bit sad when you think about it
You pathetic lying piece of shit. Literally 90% of your posts are just insults because you have a mental breakdown whenever someone doesn’t wank your favorite anime character.

The equivalent of 2 Ikoku’s nearly killed Zoro, even though he was only holding it back for 1 second
Kaido was taunting BM about if shes able to do Hakai in her old age, meaning it is not the equivalent of 2 Ikkokus ( an attack she can spam).

Goodbye King :josad:

Without you, I have no reason to read OP anymore :josad:
Lol for a character who was created to just lose?
Had no real presence for 100 chapters despite intro
Clowned by others like wsw not respecting him
Now just got brutally trashed

King the RH yet nor respected by wsw and flyers...needs to use Kaido's name to command them to come

King was done dirty than Jack

Jack still has Zou feats and hype, what does King have beside losing to zoro? Nothing
He didn't even beat Marco by himself
So let me get this straight. King, who is Kaido's right hand man, that some people genuinely argue is stronger than Kaido (Lel) gets defeated by Zoro in a brutal fashion....

And to keep ZKK alive, Zoro still needs to prove to Kaido that he's a monster Samurai on par with Oden.... By killing him?

So defeating King, Kaido's right hand man, and second strongest member of Kaido's crew, wouldn't be enough to warrant Kaido recognizing Zoro as a monster Samurai?

Man the flimsiness of these arguments..... Is King this ultimately strong badass that proves how strong Zoro is, or is he some low level scrub that wouldn't even make Kaido bat on eye over the person who defeats him?


Yall are holding onto ZKK because you know deep down inside that defeating King, pales in comparison to defeating Kaido.
That is the problem, why he didn´t used that attack again like what he used against Big mom?
Because Big Mom is that much stronger. Those types of attacks would do absolutely nothing.
There's a reason Oda drew O-lin two shotting Queen. If O-lin continued to pound on him, Queen would be dead lol
@Topi Jerami i told you before get off your crazy king wank. Now you suffer the price and it is not pretty. But he prove you dont need advanced coc for to be top toer

Everyone on this forum, having advanced coc does not mean top tier. It just boost attack power.
King is stronger than yamato as manga fact.
Thank you king for hyping up admirals and Akainu.

Strength is all matter.
Stfu I'm reading the full summary rn.

King now has Akainu's magma, not a good day for Red Bitch fans
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