What is King’s real name?

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Because Ikoku is a penetrative attack while Hakai is an explosive attack
Something you literally pulled out of your ass
Ikokou literally "exploded" the same way Hakai did against Kidd.

Both attacks have same nature cylindrical beam yet one is different than the other??

This is where your dishonesty comes from. You made something up to save face.

Funny thing is if you were intelligent you know it takes A LOT more than half the power of attack to block it for even one second. Hakai would fully diminish Ikokou and it won't even be halted.

And current Zoros defensive power is far above roof top Zoro.

In the midst of that even with your own nonsense Zoro can fully block Ikokou casually. He'd do it even in roof top but can certainly do it now.
If zoro can react to King and dodge or counter backtjen Sanji and pre fs Luffy are gonna be casually dodging him
That's a fact!

You can post Kuma...King...like you want

King attack speed is around boundman at best!
His movement speed is great

Which means nothing to Katakuri or FS Luffy
Lanji just casually being blitzed by Queen's dick, neck and arm sure shows how great his speed, reactions and CoO are. :vistalaugh:
That battle was one of the worst if not the worst in the arc. At this point QvS would have benefited from an additional chapter more than ZvK.

It was one of the best

Great built up

Great choreography from sanji although we didn't see much moves from queen

Queen really caught everyone off guard with his germa abilities

It was great character wise

And the ending is satisfying
I still think the fight between sanji and Queen is incomplete . Considering Queen is thrown out of onigashima . I am certain the fight will conclude in flower capital.

Looks like same will apply to King as well. Like i said this is not how oda ends his enemies . Zoan awakening will likely be last weapon .

Act 3 will definitely end with onigashima blowing up. Act 4 will be conclusion act in flower capital.
Damn, thats being positive. From the looks of King and Queen after they got finished, i have a tough time seeing them coming back.
But i would like it tho

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