What is King’s real name?

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Give up bro. Loda‘s is straight trash that ain‘t happen it‘s done. Fuck wano, fuck Loda fuck One Piss. Ling couldn‘t even hit Zolo, what a pathetic way to beat Ling. Well done Loda
I will wait for panel . You cant expect commander like king, Queen to lose in 15 minutes fight. Luffy literally took half a day to defeat katakuri.

So far none of them have shown awakening as well. Its very anti climatic.
You are happy that YC1 couldn‘t damage yet alone land a hit on this chapter? You guys are making a mockery out of yourself for real
This proves that you reading with your Ass instead of Eyes. How about a reread it literally stands that Zoro managed to dodge and block all the Attacks cause he got used to him and evolved during the Fight. King literally pushed him like noone ever before in a fair 1v1 Fight. Mr 1 wasnt pushing Zoro as King did cause Zoro was dominating Mr 1 in speed and strength all he needed was to cut steel while King was also dominating in speed and strength for a short Time. Not even Punk Kiddson can push Zoro this much. Zoros ACoC and him evolving all his Fightingaspects during the Fight proved once again that hes BUILT DIFFERENT! :finally:
Why is that?
Zoro didnt use sunacchi vs King
Zoro didnt black Enma
No one saw this happening, no ZKK shamble but a 100% confirmation that Zoro will pull something better vs Kaido.
Think you guys are pushing that narrative way too hard. He literally cuts King's dragon like Ryuuma does the dragon.

Enma was also never said to turn black during this battle. This got twisted from Tengu's comment about turning it black as a generic statement.

But oh well, I got nothing to lose in this argument lol, I love Zoro anyway:kayneshrug:
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lmao compensation
Talking about being a dishonest troll
Anyways I am not even gonna humor your troll shit because we both know Law is a total fodder compared to Zoro

But I'll ask you one more time, what has Big Mom ever done to suggest she stands a chance against current Zoro?

Stop shadow wanking characters you know are fodders to wank Yonko, when Yonko themselves are looking like joke compared to Zoro.
I see Yonko been a Joke to Zoro, who is still fighting with no healing factor?
-The Wano Sanourai think it was fate that hé has Come to Onigashima and they compare him to Ryuma.

-This chapter Ended with Zoro cutting a giant dragon's head of like Ryuma.

-The Shimotsuki more still have not been explained. The connecting between Ryuma, Zoro and Ushimaru ( probably Zoro's great dad).

-The Monster Samouraï.

-Kaido is dying with his head cut off. (The scabbards, Oden, Zoro .... ) all of them wanted kaido's head.

If anything ZKK is Alive than never.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

It's the ten Wank commandments

N**ga can't tell me nothing about this thread
Can't tell me nothing about this post, this battledome
For my meming *****
Spoiler crack fiends I ain't forget you *****
My waiting room *****

I've been in this forum for years, it made me a animal
There's rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual
A step by step booklet for you to get
Your wank on track
Not your agenda pushed back

Rule Nombre Uno
Never let no one know
How many alts you hold
Cause you know
The burners breed jealousy especially
If your vpn fucked up
Get yo ass banned up

Number two
Never let mods know your next move
Don't you know Dragoban move in silence and violence?
Take it from your highness
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Never trust nobody
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Hoodied and mamothed up
Shitty taste that suck
He be waiting in Udon to troll that ass up

Number Four
I know you heard this before
Always get high when smokedout comes by

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Tell him "bounce!"

Number Six
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This rule is so underrated
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Find yourself in a DM with Fuckthis

Number Eight
Always protect MonsterZoro through and through
Them cats that bully him snort copium too

Number Nine
Shoulda been Number 1 to me
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Number Ten
A strong faction called "Anti-Infromants"
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Word up
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