What is King’s real name?

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I'd hardly call this a "mid diff", Zoro is going beyond his limits to push out CoC at the risk of his life.
Pre FS WCI Luffy landing a few King Kong Guns on King would take him down very quickly too, wouldn't call that mid diff.
Sure but pre CoC coating Luffy just like Zoro in that case would be on a clock. He'll need to finish quickly a'd and understand King's power
Zoro would have defeated him even without CoC coating attacks if he had figured out about Kings powers but he would have needed an extreme diff fight
I think it was, that was Hell King's Three Sword Style: Purgatory Onigiri
I don't really see any black lightning sparks in this panel so I don't think it is. I could be wrong though...

I don't remember Zoro ever having that smoke around his swords before he unlocked CoC
He did when he first wielded enma back in chapter 955 and on chapters 1002 (couldn't use it properly yet), 1032 and 1033.

That smoke is haki flowing (advCoA)

The black lightning traces are advCoC

He can use them separately but he can also combine them like he did with that last Flying Dragon Samurai attack.
So can we CONFIRM that Sanji has Lunarian DNA? King was at a research facility when he was very young and shares fire/speed with Sanji.
yeah i mean the way oda is hyping lunarian right now is because sanji has king's dna inside him thanks to judge experiment.
Queen talking suddenly about King to Sanji and told "to learn the history" by himself. If kaido and king first meet-up was somewhere else, i would have been confused but no it was in wg's labs with vegapunk and mad's team, sanji is probably linked to that dna.

The weird dura, more fire = more strenght, the similar fighting style. King was important for Zoro and at EOS for Sanji lol
Figures the World's Toughest/Strongest Creature meets his Right Hand and First Mate going through an endurance testing.

I really like this panels a lot.

Kaido words to King are so cool and King is dripping like muh, I like how he has the fire on his sword walking hella confidently.

I feel like Kaido's words about stay behind me they'll never take you back, give young King confidence and sense of security in a world where he has been pursued probably most his life, from here he already believes Kaido's words about changing world.
Smoke burning isn't necessarily indication of your life force getting depleted. I still need more information but I guess that's why Zoro is low/mid top tier now, he'd destroy any alive character not named Yonko Admiral Mihawk Dragon Akainu.
Extreme diff either way with Luffy Fujitora etc
luffy midd diff Fuji and zoro
Kudo's to Zoro as well for actually having to critically think during his fight instead of relying on just his power up and willpower
Zoro critical thinking + prodigy in understand how technique works (copy the firefox style) is 1 stat that we fan didnt give him properly credit.

If Zoro fight Luffy he would know that G4 has a drawback (saw Luffy fight in the rooftop), uff Zoro is a nightmare if there is an hypothetical scenario for a 1 vs 1 between Zoro&Luffy.
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