Did Kanjuro Kill Big Mom?

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Lazy is the way
It was obvious as @Rivaille said, she has lots of connection with elbaf and giants, it's literally her arc. Also there is the promise made by Luffy to take her out for the FMI.

Because let's be honest, defeated or not Big Mom didn't get humbled from this fight, at the end she even said "don't think i'm gonna die".
it was obvious she would be in Elbaf, but the condition she would be in Elbaf was the question : full power BM ? O Lin ? Ally ? Enemy ?

Now lets see what the summary hid about BM


So what's the fate of our avys?

I made the bet knowing Kid and Law will "defeat" Big Mom. I just didn't fancy Pantheos' chances on a specific chapter.

I knew she'd be out of commission for a bit, only to return and resume her role for future arcs. She obviously was never going to be gone for good. Too much meat on the bone with her and the Charlottes in general.

So in my case, I guess this still counts as Pantheos W.

If you made the bet believing they'll put her down for good, I think you shouldn't wear the L avy lol
No, we won

Pantheos said Kid was gonna go down to Big Mom in chapter 1039

If anything hit her before she went down in 1040, we would win

no matter if Kid defeated her after that

because it needed to be in 1039
Now it makes sense why Oda didn't show any adv.coc nor awakening from BM, because she was pushed out from Onigashima and not koed.

oh god is she gonna come back at Elbaf ? :josad::josad:
to be fair, imagine her with full power adCOC and awakening, she will be mad impressive and powerful
The only reason Oda didn't allow Meme use AdCoC + AdCoA attacks against Kid and Law, is because he didn't know how to save them from those attacks. Kid and Law would die just from one attack of that caliber, but as we know, Oda's way of writing is "can't explain it then off screen it" helped him in resolving it.
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