Did Kanjuro Kill Big Mom?

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Really? By battlefield removal and bullshit bombs that shouldn't have ever been relevant again since Alabasta?
enough bombs to blow up an island plus several finishers from kidd and law,a good fall and she swore she'll be back which means she definitely will be back.
It's much better than kidd blowing a hole on her stomach and killing her.
What do you consider to be good writing? the way Oda did it Big Mom doesn't look as trash even though he never allowed her to use her full abilities, lacked CoO and the ability to dodge.

Worked out in Oda's favour. He has been using Yamato to hype how massive and dangerous the explosion would be just to have it be the final nail in the coffin for Big Mom.

If the Big Mom pirates fail to rescue her before WG interferes they should just disband.
Germa is having a rematch without a doubt. Mont D’Or is on that ship. They need to rescue Niji/Yonji.
It was obvious as @Rivaille said, she has lots of connection with elbaf and giants, it's literally her arc. Also there is the promise made by Luffy to take her out for the FMI.

Because let's be honest, defeated or not Big Mom didn't get humbled from this fight, at the end she even said "don't think i'm gonna die".
The only question is when she'll come back, because I don't feel her role in Wano, as horribly written as it is, Oda is surpassing himself in this arc, to be over.
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