How many more times will Luffy lose to Kaido?

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Definitely good writing

There's still too much going on for ZKK:

Kaido and the philosophy of death

Zoro's declaration and his caring for the Samurai population

Zoro's parallel with the Samurai Kawamatsu and Hyogoro mentioned about

And of course the fact no one else will likely kill him

Lastly the moon prophecy parallel and the parallel with Oden's Enma
the truth is that Luffy now is about to awaken his DF, till now he was able to go toe to toe and his awakening, has to be a broken ability since the WG fears it that much, it will gives the edge against Kaido, and Luffy will defeats Kaido, do you think Zoro will stand up from Coma? and even if he stands it will not be that fast like in Thriller Bark , and if he gets up again do you think he is gonna go and kill a defeated person who might unconscious ? will be Kaido even still in Wano? since Luffy wants to kick him out from Wano so he might just send him flying and he will land unconcious outside of Wano.


Help me... Fly
Drake is dead and we don't waste time on dead characters
Man, look like Drake broke you.
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Kaido is such a bitch, always waiting for his opponent getting distracted from third party. Is this his so called one vs one...
Lol Luffy cheap shot Kaido multiple times in their fight, I guess Luffy is a bitch too.

Difference is Luffy did it willingly whereas Kaido litteraly didnt know the CP-0 guy did some bs.
Luffy isn't exactly fresh either. It became a 1 v 1 the moment Luffy and Kaido started fighting 1 on 1.

Otherwise you could say Zoro vs King wasn't one on one because King fought Marco. Sanji and Queen wasn't one on one because Black Maria beat Sanji and Queen was hit by Chopper etc.

Making excuses like that is weak.
Extremely dumb argument. Stop trying to compare a Luffy that has only been fighting kaido and having breaks to a kaido that has had zero breaks. It's unintelligible since it's a clear sign of dishonesty in ones statement
Odds are Kaido was mid swing while Luffy got distracted and he couldn’t stop it in time
some of you gotta quit crying seriously

Why would Kaido purposefully cheapshot Luffy just to feel heartbroken later? This isn’t 20 years ago where Kaido actually NEEDED to cheapshot Oden out of desperation

Here he had no need for such a cheap ass tactic as he’s clearly a cut above Luffy. Read in between the lines
Sword Captain implies superior.

Whether he's stronger or not is to be seen however the premise so far is not good based on how trash L Drake is.
That is still a dumb argument since spandam was captain/leader of cp9 yet he was vastly weaker than Lucci and the others. Rank does not always equate to strength as shown even with the marines. Age, experience, family ties etc also play a part
Whoever had Luffy's devil fruit was clearly the person known has Sun God Nika. Gear 4th is an imperfect version of that transformation. I'm thinking this third defeat is the catalyst to Luffy finally awakening it. Luffy is the God of Fire Kagu-tsuchi, capable of killing deities and burning their lifespans away, the same way a vivre card burns.
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