Who will beat Kaido now?

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current kaido's face (nose, teeth and all) in hybrid looks hella different compared to when he first went hybrid. I wonder if this is a "stronger" hybrid or Oda just did a change in artistic choice bcs he felt kaido wasnt looking menacing enough?
He is a silver medalist in the sense that he wants to be the pirate king, and based on strength he should be weaker or equal to whitebeard but not stronger
This is just his bluff, we have the king saying the opposite regarding Whitebeard and Kaido and besides that Whitebeard is stronger than Roger the PK, being the king of pirates is one of the secondary goals for Kaido, just like any emperor , their lives don't end if they don't reach ONE PIECE,pirate paradise, rule the world, set the world on fire these are examples apart from Kaido's plans, one piece is nothing more than +1, build the biggest and strongest army in the world, cause the biggest war.
The problem is why he is hiding in the shadows to rule the world ?
Doflimingo mention if the secret got exposed , the power got rotten very quickly .
Enel did rule sky island public and his title is God.
The empty throne is lie so IMU use brain and hacks rather being fighter as I think it will happen but who knows
why did crocodile hide his intention, even if he could have just stormed into the palace and force the king to show him the poneglyphs
why did doffy not just rule the kingdom by force?
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There is no one stronger than Kaido alive. Even Prime Whitebeard is debatable. "Strongest living being".
so you think kaido would be stronger than the final villain
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