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Chapter 1 - Romance Dawn

- Luffy is the main character
- He eats the gomu gomu no mi fruit.
- Shanks lost his arm protecting luffy.
- Luffy wants to become the Pirate King.
- A few years later he sails out to find the one piece.

Additional Info:

- Story begins with the execution of Gold Roger " The King of the Pirates " which was responsible for the Great Era of Piracy.
- Seems like Shanks is a pirate who came to a Small Harbor Village.
- Luffy wants to be a pirate but Shanks doubts him and says " You?! A Pirate?! Impossible?!"
- Next pages, Shanks is confronted by a character called " Higuma The Bear " - Leader of the Mountain Bandits. According to him he has killed 56 people and has a bounty of 8,000,000 Berries ( Highest bounty in One Piece at the moment).
- There is a scene of Luffy eating a " Devil Fruit " called the gomu gomu no mi, according to Shanks , when you eat a devil fruit you will never be able to swim for the rest of your life, but you gain the power of the gomu gomu no mi.
- Luffy and Shanks look at each other panicking.
- Few pages later towards the end , we see that shanks lost his arm.
- At the end of the Chapter we see Luffy sailing to become the "King of the Pirates" and find the One Piece.

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