Has Kaido been defeated!?

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kaido knew who joyboy was ( the person who would defeat him)
cause he was literally the obstacle to its border being closed.
i reckon while having the knowledge of Joyboy he once hoped to become one.. but it turned out in a complete antithesis of what Joyboy truly is... Kaido became an absolute Tyrant.. and he realizes that.. he realizes the brutality he's ushered on this country is unfounded in the world given his own strength and stature and at certain certain point in time he gave up proving that he's Joyboy.. seeing where fate led him and means he attained in order to become a conquerer..
or he figured that by being the pinnacle of ghastly tyranny it'd require fate to usher a Joyboy to stand against him... prolly that was his motive.. a death by the hands of someone he yearned to become.. and yearned to be.
Also what's the point of king even wearing a mask lol
Its not like thet dont know hes a lunarian 🗿
Kaido's world is still incredibly flawed because strength is mostly determined by things you have no control over such as genetic predispositions. Look at Kaido himself, born a genetic freak in terms of being strong.
Or even linlin and oden
Him wanting to put yamato in a position of power for being related to him sounds like the opposite of what he wants others to do. Tho like linlin i think they view themselves as the exception. Everyone is equal with them on top
was rocks an evil guy
you have to wonder
Xebec was definitely an interesting man
Someone able to recruit kaido, linlin, and even newgate himself. So i cant imagine him being fully evil with him able to convince them to follow him. Its not like any of them view themselves as evil people
Even tho linlin and kaido are lol
Well, it looks like Wano is gonna be over soon if Kaido truly is defeated. I'm gonna hazard a guess and say we go to Elbaf next. That's the only island we haven't really seen yet that's featured prominently in the series. Also itching to get an update on the rest of the world.
Linlins dream world = a world where everyone is equal no matter who and what they are. With them literally seeing eye to eye size wise lol. At the same time she wants everyone to be equal but with her still on top and in control. With people only being able to be happy if she is too and its convenient to her

Kaido's dream world = a world where everyone is equal through war. Where no the only type of power thar matters is your own strength. It not mattering whether you were born royalty, a celestial dragon, civilian, or random nobody. With ones freedom only depending on themselves
I think every Yonko has a skewed world view on Change and Equality

BM: Equality via forcing people of all species to grow large with her, with her at the top

Kaido: Equality via war and violence, with him at the top

Blackbeard: Equality through Chaos, with him ruling the world

Shanks: Equality through Order (i.e. his potential dealings with the WG, among other goals), not sure if his goal is rule anything though.

This is why I think Shanks and Blackbeard are heavily tied to whatever comes with Rocks next. He wanted to be king of the world, and these may see their own worldviews as a continuation of this by means of Order vs Chaos (Red vs Black).
Might be a little ridiculous, but we'll see how they turn out...

Then you have Luffy, someone who wants to purely make the world equal with no ruler.
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