Has Kaido been defeated!?

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If zoro pull Ezra move on kaido which I don’t believe it will happen. You can bet kaido and luffy fanbase quit series for long time.
Erza had her bones broken in all parts of her body minus 1 arm and proceeded to 1 shot a meteor that was meant to destroy an entire country just by uttering the words “Friendship”

I wouldn’t blame Luffy and Kaido fans for dropping the manga after that

Gol D. Roger

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In the 2016 itw Oda said "Luffy can't beat Kaido YET" and "My audience won't be satisfied if the reason for why Luffy beats Kaido is because his punch is so strong"
Sounds pretty clear he was talking about King Kong Gun and what Luffy had already shown

I don't think any of that applies to an awakened conqueror coated Bajrang Gun
If a CoA coated G4 attack can still be a punch, then I don't see why CoC coated G5 attack can't be a punch too. The abilities you use to augment your attacks don't change the fundamental nature of your attacks. And I doubt Oda planned on making Dressrosa Luffy fight Kaido. He's quite literally talking about the punches that Luffy will be using against Kaido.
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