Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Zoro is the worst character ever in the whole fiction. It is so positive of me even referring to him as a character. Just a fan service robot. Luffy being worst x infinity = Zoro.
Yeah yeah dropping period blood over Zoro won't change the fact that most people are scratching their heads over how bad the ending to supposedly most famous fight in One Piece was and most people here voted for Luffy vs Kaido being 0/10 fight.
Why hide who shanks was talking about?
- Cause Oda likes obscuring the obvious so people make intrigue.

Why talk to the gorosei?
- Cause Shanks likely wants to create an alliance with the world government to take down Blackbeard before he becomes too powerful

Why during the Reverie?
- Cause Shanks knew a hot topic of the reverie was the abolishment of the warlord system, and knowing BBs greedy nature it’s the perfect time to set a trap for him and his crew

All of this goes along with Shanks’ previous characterization and previous goals and concerns.
- completely avoided my timeline question. Why didn't he go during the 2 years BB was devil fruit hunting?

- Your first point is not an answer. Oda hides information when it's meant to be surprising.

- Your second point is a guess. You don't know what Shanks is trying to do.

- Your 3rd point is even worse than the 2nd. It's a complete guess. And the Shichibukai abolishment was brought up during the Reverie by Fuji. How would Shanks know this on the FIRST day of the Reverie? What does this even have to do with Blackbeard lmao, he's a Yonko not a Shichibukai
Awakening is a casual thing for top tiers and katakuri
Guys who mastered their fruits for 3+ decades

You won't see kata talking about Awakening
Even when luffy commented on it, he didn't hype his awakening

Don't expect kaido and BM to hype their Awakenings when they have other powerful attacks + adcoc
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