Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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I overestimated Oda, I actually thought about the possibility of Luffy losing an eye. But Oda's narrative ability is limited. Where was my head, waiting for Oda to take an eye out of Luffy when Oda couldn't even kill Kin'emon lmao.
Your head canon =/= others narrative limitations....someone who is expecting ZKK from the character given knowing the state of the said character should not lecture about other narrative imagination abilities....
What if there was a samurai that just so happened to be odens son and the future shogun of wano. Technically meaning hed be a part of the most important clan in wano even being the ones that created the poneglyphs
Itd be even more crazy if he had the voice of all things and had connections to the void century like luffy. Imagine he had the power to control an island sized elephant
Even more hype if he temporarily travelled with people like the whitebeard, roger, and strawhat pirates
Maybe maybe even paralleling kaido's kid just like kaido paralleled oden. Each duo maybe even being the same age

What if a samurai like that existed?
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