Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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No, she did not. You can't use Haki when you have sea stone cuffs confirmed by Luffy during Udon. Yamato's cuffs are confirmed to be sea stone in her V-card. The black Haki effects were sometimes used for non-Haki attacks too. Law never tanked Kaido's TB, he was literally on the ground after taking the attack. He endured it. That's different from tanking it. Law doesn't have an ancient Zoan's durability; his bones are breaking from Yamato's attacks alright. That doesn't mean she'd just one-shot him though.
yamato can very obviously use Haki otherwise how would she ever fight Ace
Just because the fight lasted 60 chapters doesn't mean it fulfilled its purpose.

We had 10 years of buildup for this "grand finale" against the two emperors Kaido and BM (it all started back in FI and PH).

And now look what we got as resolution.

I mean not even the hardest OP stan can tell me that this was the epic and deserving resolution they hoped for.

It was just anticlimatic, point blank.

I don't want to be that guy again (first time in a while doing this), but compare this to the buildup and execution of Gon vs Pitou and Netero vs Meruem in HxH.

Speaking a bit in hyperboles: If you compare the storywriting in those two instances, it's like you read the work of a genius (Togashi) compared to an overly ambitious, but in the end disappointing first storywriting approach of a high-schooler (Oda).
One piece was never about good fights tbh , it was the build up for those fights,plus luffy didnt have a vengeance on kaido as much gon had on pitou , if its akainu its different ,and still i think its not a good fight ending but to be honest i didnt like the doffy ending (to the fight) nor katakuri (also fight wise) it was great for build concerning doffy, and the parallels between luffy and katakuri made it great, if you're reading for the fight you can read dragon ball :p one piece is a shonen and all but what characterises it isnt fights but world building , just cause oda decides to end the fight with a luffy punch and not another way doesn't mean togashi is better , now dont get me wrong i liked hxh its in my top 10 tho every work has his plot holes and inconsistencies specially speaking of a 1000+ chapters work
Zoro fans still clinging to ZKK when they should be worrying about black blades getting the Nidai, wich should (in theory) be as good as fucking Enma
The Nidai is probably going to Hiyori who gave away Enma unlike what you haters believe Zoro is very attached to his swords he isn't simply going to throw away the Sandai just because there is higher grade sword available. How do you think black blades are forged by sleeping through the remaining of the arc is how Zoro will forge his first black blade?
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