What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Because she didn’t consider any of them crew mates

That is the fundamental difference between Yamato and Robins introductions

One already considers herself a part of the crew

One never thought she belonged with them
Yamato hasn't even called herself a SH yet. She only said she will travel with Luffy.
tell me Oda didn’t develop Luffy and Nami’s relationship that arc
Relationship development and character development are different things, Luffy develops relationships with characters in every arc, even enemies some times, but he himself very rarely changes (if at all)
Nami had character development every since chapter in the East Blue
Like I said her only development in Orange town was deciding to travel with Luffy, and even then she saw it more like taking advantage of the situation rather than becoming a pirate so its a shaky development
Yamato has remained a static character for over 70 chapters
And like the other girls that development could happen in a later arc
Jinbei and Brooks arcs were both complete
And I dont recall so many people being so against them like it seems to be with Yamato :quest:. I personally belive she will get more in the future since we lack all of her history prior to Oden, and Oda barely touched on her relationship with Kaido beyond their aniimosity towards each other and Kaido's own flashback was rushed as hell, so there is a lot that could happen
But he's the damn writer, he should finish this on a great note (which was hard but still possible).

Instead he just decided to pull out before the climax, never actually let the climax happen even after his pull-out and leaving everyone and their mother confused in the process.
Yeah, ending in 2 chapters is pretty hard to excuse (if thats whats happening), I'll cling to a bit of hope that it wont suck since we are getting a buster call, or that he will just get to the party in these 2 chapters and that we will get a post Wano arc after the break, but these news suck
Pariston is Ging main foe. And Ging is top 5 nen user in the world and likely a monster fighting wise + a big brain too.
And Pariston will be a big pain in the ass for someone like him.
Iirc Ging said that he could beat Pariston into a pulp but that wouldn't break him so he gotta beat him in his own game.
Yamato's connection to Ace who the crew met in Alabasta was brought also around half way through during the raid.

Yamato battled alongside Luffy and held off Kaido. She took care of the giant for Frank so he could focus on Sasaki.

Yamato also dealt with a situation to not worry Luffy while he was in the middle of a battle with Kaido when Momo was wanting to stop Luffy showing trust between Yamato and Luffy. Luffy trusts Yamato to stop Onigashima and Yamato trusted Luffy to beat Kaido.

Again your nitpicking scenarios to try justify why Yamato can't join when in fact she's done more than enough when you look at it objectively.
Am I nitpicking scenarios? Look at the crews reaction to her joining. I know Yamatos joining but I am going to call it out for it being half assed
Best possible scenario for next chapter. Ryokugyu full design appearance. Alliance having the banquet with Yamato joining. Then Bounties and last panel ends with the announcement of Sabo's execution.
We have buster call and greenbull is coming to wano.

‘And it is not going to be peaceful talk like peaceful sunshine and rainbow .
‘They want to bomb wano.

‘Greenbull vs luffy, zoro, kid, and law Rooftop 2.0 let go
]buster vice- admiral - sanji, killer, jinbe, Yamato, brook, franky, kinemon, chopper
But… do you expect Yamato to get another arc focused around her? I don’t.

The significant difference between Yamato and Robin/Nami is that Yamatos villain was in the same arc where she joined. Robins wasn’t we never actually saw the world government until Ennies Lobby. Namis wasn’t we didn’t meet Arlong till later.

But Yamatos entire life was about Kaido and Oden. Two wano centric characters, I don’t know what could make her grow more after wano afterall
I don't expect another arc focused on Yamato no. I don't understand why it's so difficult to accept that Yamato's a pretty simple character (you can even call her static if you want), there's not much to develop regarding her.
She's a samurai fangirl that craves for adventue and freedom.
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