What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Saying HxH is overrated is fine. HxH fans tend to be as annoying as OP fans

but saying it’s trash is downright crayon eating levels of retarded
For me it is. I don't see any value in it. As more progress it becomes more boring. For me peak was at York New and that arc didn't leave to anything.
HxH is trash. I don't understand why people hype it this much.
I wouldn't say trash, it had some good unique elements (despite some inconsistent poor logic in the world building and togashi's pathology to be contrarian), but chapter for chapter it doesn't hold up to One Piece.
Gear 2 was revealed in chapter 387, we are on chapter 390 of HxH for reference.

One Piss:

Law: destroy the SMILE factory to piss off Kaido.
Everyone: wow! He's a master strategist


If Oda is gonna lower the bar even further only toddlers will be able to enjoy this stuff. :suresure:

The guy needs a 1 year break to reset everything, forget 1 month lol.
This is just further proof that HxH fans are ok with reading a novel than a comic with actual drawings lol
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