What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Yeah I suspect both especially Auger to be glass cannons potentially. But I hope they do have some durability as scrawny characters in OP can be very durable as we've seen with Usopp too ofc.

I really want to see Usopp either outside the fuck out of Auger with Yasopps rifle or sneak up on him and use the real 10 Ton hammer to smash his head in.

The plants are really cool and have a lot of potential but I feel it should have been a SH with plant powers who supports the crew, similarly to Robin and can trap/entangle foes and even launch them to make them helpless airborne targets for Usopp.

Sniping is so fucking cool and I've had some crazy ideas for Auger and Yasopp before but I hope really delivers on them, giving them both epic fights and feats but also crazy, awesome powers and sniping styles.

I also hope Usopp never using a gun will be a throwback to Shanks words about guns vs the bandits in beginning of OP and Oda will make Usopp use one in a moment of absolute necessity and or wrath, kinda like Sanji with the evil Sanji and raid stuff storyline.

I loved the suggestion that Usopp should use a bow and arrow too. I wanted him to have a way of protecting himself and fighting at melee range and imo he needs to use guns one day regardless.

I've been chatting to @Rottkins about this too.
Yes there was
I even desribed how would the fight look like in my head and after what situation would it appear. :hihihi:
Reminder we could've avoided Dressrosa Of The 100 Chapters since Oda originally envisioned Green Bit and DR as 2 separate arcs but apparently he and his editors thought it was a good idea to combine both arcs into a single macro one lol
So then we can have 20 chapters of greej bit, 90 chapters of Dressrosa as two sepparate arcs

Should have just axed most of Doffy's crew while Doflamingo escapes under Kaido's wing and falls in Wano or even way later by Law.

Tho Law has at least may have beef with the WG too not just Doffy.
He's just being what he is here, government dog. You are very creative with your insults I see, like child on play ground.
Ofcourse I treat people like how they act. You act like a child then I treat you like one. You stated he isn't against them think that they are bullshittera. The anime and manga proves that he does detest them and the world government.
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