What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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If Oda forgets about Zoro's plotline in Wano, Ill drop One Piece brah. I dont even want ZKK but Oda has definetly teased it many times throughout Wano
I wasn't a ZKK believer when I joined. Then I became a skeptical ZKK believer. Then I became a full-fledged believer. I've always said that, regardless of whether or not ZKK happens, that I would be happy just to learn about Zoro's lineage, black blades, and just get some kind of impactful moment at the end of the arc. I still believe, and I won't drop it unless the Straw Hats legitimately leave Wano and Kaido is either confirmed alive or dead by the magma, but I must admit this is the weakest faith I've had since I started believing in it. And it would be incredibly disappointing if we couldn't even get any of the other things I mentioned. If ZKK is an ambition, the other stuff are expectations and no Zoro fan should feel ashamed of having those expectations in my opinion :zosleepy:

Shimotsuki Ghostly

A Man Called Brian.
Yall would have died at Jaya if it was released weekly. We need to get used to Oda's storytelling even though it's garbage at times. I need yall to remember how much the BB pirates were hyped since Drum Island all the way to Jaya only to get low diffed by a water pillar and appear 300 chapters later :gokulaugh:
It's not like the series has been going for 25+ years now and we've been waiting literal decades for certain things too.
He's far from being fodder to anyone. Akainu possesses the most potent DF boasting the greatest attack power. There's a reason why Oda chose him to become Fleet Admiral. He's not your average Admiral.
Akainu is Fleet Admiral, he's a level above the rest
His feats in Marineford were meant to foreshadow this
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