What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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:suresure:more like you're cooing since zkk didn't happen
Zoro didn't get ryuma praise nor Oden praise

:milaugh:Ryuma remains low top tier who saved Wano thus their sword God

Joyboy is the man who beats Kaido and save the world not Ryuma

It's like thinking kyros = DR Luffy
Noland = DR Ussop
Coz citizens compared them to their heroes
don't care ryuma = joyboy
Wow. So that was it I guess now It's all over for some of us....

I personally don't really give a fuck if this fraud Oda continues portraying both Luffy and Zoro as two easy going retards in identical panels and all of that. This series is all about Luffy and Luffy and more Luffy. That's basically it.

And well, the most logical explanation as to why my man is out here clean and was able to withstood the pain taken by 2 Kaidos and 2 Big Moms without dying from it it'd be because of Advanced Conquerors Haki which is a durability/endurance boost as we've seen with Luffy vs Kaido after he unlocked it.

Pretty meh.
the double pain is the one you felt after the medicine and not the one that was cured
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