What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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The reason why so many theories and predictions are wrong is because Japanese people have a different thought process than the rest of the world.

westerners in general are critical thinkers and delve deep into themes and context while Japanese people are the straightforward simple type who probably won’t understand the deep themes; therefore Oda doesn’t really need to make effort into his storytelling and instead just focus on the
man stop your obsession. its not even about that lol. wano was a 10/10 arc until the last 3 chapters, if this is a fakeout its still good but if this is really the end this is the worst shit thats ever been in the series. there has never been so much setup and so little payoff
I told you that you were just making things worse for yourself.

The raid failing got debunked all the way back when Jimbei defeated WsW
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