What the best thing in the chap ?

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Kitetsu Wanker
Wano is over Lik.

You and your few cult followers made of mostly incels are the only ones expecting Koido to come back.

We're getting bounties celebrating the defeat on the Yonkos and you still expect them to come back you down bad you've been unable to move on from the chapter Luffy buried Koiod huh

Wano not ending is just one of many Ls yall took in this arc.
And you are not done with them.
That's why the grave needs to be nice and deep. :myman:
- The new bountys are shown
- The best part of the chapter is not the bountys
- Greenbull appearance is revealed(he looks like Yoshio Harada)
- Buggy is the new Emperor

All the Nika Wank, Shanks shit, I thought he was that guy
I'm not betting on Luffy no more :josad:
Luffy fans have hyped up his potrayal very much in this arc. He actually doesn't shines that brightly as they think he does. Fighting a weakened kaido who carried an entire island throughout the entity of the fight. Who fought against 9 scabbards 5 supernovas yamato heck even a momo bite and still defeated luffy 4 times . Luffy even got rest and food by caribou whereas kaido went nonstop without break. Luffy doesn't really deserve a bigger bounty than kid and law who fought a mostly full strength big mom and defeated her(bombs did help them no doubt).
Looking around, doesn't seem like 99% of fanbase ignores it :kayneshrug:
Make a Current Zoro vs Kidd fresh poll
Lets see how many votes he gets

And when Kidd will gets destroyed badly excuse will be "this is Zoro fan forum"
Well here is Youtube poll then

Literally no one besides wild wankers think Useless Kidd is anywhere near Zoro.
You guys were struggling against Roof Top Zoro but now suddenly Kidd with literally no impressive ability can beat not just advanced CoA but advanced CoC and Attack power that can kill Big Mom in one shot.

May as well argue Luffy < Kidd at this point with this level of delusion.
The idea of Luffy's rival being stronger than Zoro goes against foundation of One Piece where Zoro and Luffy were said to be super team who are equal to each other.

But Oda doesn't seem to care about that it looks like, if he did ZKK should have happened.

But reality is he could have at least made him relevant to Zoro.

We have Zoro fans complaining about No ZKK but in the end we got
-Kaido Scar
-Low diffing YC1

Since Zoro was doing so good, expectations were even higher and Oda himself didn't deliver on those expectations and its disappointing.

Where as Uselsss Mid literally did nothing at all in the grand scheme of things. Like absolutely nothing.

And truly I would feel bad for Useless Mid but look at his fans
Look at @ReggieZoldyck21
Look at @rerere
Look at @Pantheos

They genuinely have no standards at all. Like they actually believe what Kidd has done in this arc is impressive.
Its beyond my understanding.
I can see someone saying what Law did is impressive, you can some what compare it to Roof top Zoro, though Ashura is far superiror feat than puncture ville, its debatable.

What has Emperor Eustass Kidd even done?

You are one of the very few reasonable kidd fans. Why do they hype him up so much?
Kidd and Law both outdid Zoro and will be receiving rewards greater than Zoro for their performance. Still. Zoro was very impressive.

For an underling. Buts that’s all he is, and will ever be. You can’t compare him to the big shots of the new era

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