What the best thing in the chap ?

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Listen, I'm tired of people disrespecting Kid, saying shit like not just Zoro is stronger, but Yamato is stronger. Pure fucking garbage.

At the same time. Kid getting a 3 billion bounty. :gokulaugh::gokulaugh::milaugh::milaugh:
Coc too overrated fr

i dont get it when someone as dead beat as Kinemon can survive an acoc blow from Kaido.. with no armament or barely any protection..

Huh like bruh


You can't win
There's no rivalry, Oda is just trying, and failing miserably, to make fans believe that it existed in the first place.
I'm not saying power-wise, but in terms of relevancy. Oda giving them the exact same bounty shows he views their relevancy to be high, and thus aims at them still playing a huge role in the final arc. They won't be as strong as Luffy, but at this point, it won't be unexpected if they contributed in taking down the world government top dogs
@Red Admiral

This chapter is a perfect example of how not to take polls too seriously. The vast majority of OP fans are casuals tbh. If you made a poll King and Queen vs Aramaki i can assure you the Admiral would've lost but here he trashed them in the manga.
Maybe in other forums (which we know that can't powerscale) but on WG, the admiral would win comfortably. The special people who would vote against the admiral are a minority on WG
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