What the best thing in the chap ?

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I don't really like buggy becoming emperor. Imo, it undercuts the entire narrative Oda built about the supernova surpassing the yonko.

What the fuck was even the point of this if buggy is going to actually be the one replacing big mom?

That being said, idk why anyone is mad about this. I mean honestly ask yourself, what did you really expect Oda to do? This is the type of stuff he does all the time. Even though I would have loved Kid or Law to become emperor, I fucking knew he would pull something like this.
Can't understand you, guys.

Buggy as a Yonkou is pure One Piece humor, he managed out to be lucky enough to escape Impel Down with a lot of followers, escaped the FUCKING MARINEFORD with more followers, he turned out to be a Shichibukai.

He is simply LUCKY, and that's a comic part of One Piece that was always here in the manga. If Yonkou Buggy is true, then Oda is a truly master in what he does. This is hilarious.
buggy is the king of one piece (from one punch man)


That's good to hear!
One Piece never was super serious. It does have its serious sides but that's only half of it
Now i also understand why powerscaling in this series is completely stupid lol

do it if you have fun i guess, but most of the time you're just gonna make yourself mad over what actually happens
At this point it's just getting tiresome. We get it. Buggy gets by due to sheer dumb luck.

What's next? Buggy discovering the One Piece alongside the Straw Hats? :seriously:
Why is this an L for Yonko fans? Buggy being a Yonko is just a gag, it would have been serious if it was Kidd and Law and they're fodder, so that would have definitely been an L
Well then Yonkou fans definitely need to give Mihawk fans an apology. Let's not pretend like you all didn't trash his ass for carrying a "worthless" title.

Also, the major L you guys get is for assuming that being a Yonkou has anything to do with combat strength which is confirmed false.
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