What the best thing in the chap ?

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Sanji isn't doing anything, all he did in Wano was defeating Queen in the worst fight in Wano while Zoro fought top tiers, unlocked CoC and defeatedour boy King, and there is nothing remotely good happening to our cook. Just gags.
We didn't even get a good flashback for Kaido.

Even ZKK happening would have been better than this. At least Zoro fans would have been happy :kayneshrug:

This chapter is a really good chapter for Admirals....thus a good chapter for Sanji who will be fighting one (hopefully). Idc about ZKK nor Wano and I wanna get out of here.


Now i also understand why powerscaling in this series is completely stupid lol

do it if you have fun i guess, but most of the time you're just gonna make yourself mad over what actually happens
Powerscaling never made sense in one piece . Oda doesn't care about it. Idk.where these powerscalers come from, maybe they're from other fandoms and came to one piece after their series ended.
1. Kaido and Big Mom die to magma.

2. Greenbull shows up in Wano by himself, likely going to get some hype feats.

3. Buggy becomes a Yonko

Damn, how much more will Oda shit on Yonko fans? He’s been coming out as a CHADmiral bro.

@Fleet Admiral Lee Hung
@General Duke Hyuo
@The White Crane
It was always gonna be this way. Luffy's main goal is freedom and the admiral oppose that more than the Yonko
Well then Yonkou fans definitely need to give Mihawk fans an apology. Let's not pretend like you all didn't trash his ass for carrying a "worthless" title.

Also, the major L you guys get is for assuming that being a Yonkou has anything to do with combat strength which is confirmed false.
Buggy isn't bound by the rules of the verse like everyone else, Oda does whatever the fuck he wants with him regardless of whether or not it makes sense, how are we 1000+ chapters in and you still don't understand that?

Buggy being a Yonko isn't an L for Yonko fans at all, it's just a gag unlike if Law and Kidd became emperors.


Shanks fans, relax, he is still obviously strong, people are just using this take the piss with Shanks fans, because for almost the entire series we didn't have anything to make fun of him, with the exception being losing his arm

Shanks will have to prove himself with feats now, just like you guys have said about Mihawk for decades

in fact, you guys shitting on Mihawk and using the Yonkou title to say Shanks > Mihawk over the years is the actual problem

so now you just gonna have to wait, like us, for the feats

the titles don't matter anymore
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