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A red nose on Buggy, a red nose on Sukiyaki, a red nose on a random animal in the cover. :finally:This chapter delivers it all. That Odyssey spread makes me wish Oda designed more original animals for the OP world. The Zoan class would thank him.

Pluton, the god of the death, meets Wano, land of the dead. Miracle baby Sukiyaki survives Kurozomi attempts on his life once again. The same age/VA/Kokeshi dolls and Orochi never confirming his death strongly hinted the Tengu was a fake. Kaido executed Oden knowing he had Sukiyaki imprisoned to read Poneglyphs. He escaped to see Wano's only hope was the prophecy, hiding in samurai shame from even his own grandkids, and tragically continued as a ghost to guide Wano's future heroes to Pluton. No wonder. Pluton could explain everything from Wano closing itself off, why Momo needs to live, why the WG craves Wano, why Kaido thinks its special, why Big Mom asked if part of One Piece was here. Cannot wait to find out more.

The Auction House 3 get their 3 billion. Oda caught me off guard with this one, but the precedent was set in Dressrosa when Law and Luffy split the credit and ended up with the same bounty. The WG isn't checking feats, if they hear the Luffy-Law-Kid alliance defeated Big Mom and Kaido then the 9 billion exceeding BM + Kaido's total is split 3 ways. Luffy's exceptional crew and grand fleet is enough to push our boy to Yonko regardless. He may still have to prove himself before Shanks, otherwise I see Luffy entering the Blackbeard fight with underdog status. Big bird publishing Gear 5 is hilarious, right now the world sees ice cream hair Luffy but in the future it will help reconnect them to Nika/Joy Boy's forgotten legend.

The era of the clown is here.:catsweat:Never thought I'd see the day Buggy and Shanks would be Yonkobros. Excited to see how Buggy's rise is rationalized this time. The Shichibukai forming one crew and letting Buggy's head have the biggest target would be a funny way to help make the outside world a mess.

Ryokugyu replaces Akainu, Fujitora replaces Aokiji, the balance of the world is maintained. Ryo the ruthless, rampaging bull going beyond Akainu's orders to earn his praise. Love it. The young Senor Pink face + no top + tattoo + flower pants is a rebellious combo too. A nice inversion of the laid back and gentle flower guy trope much like Kizaru is the slowest man alive. He delivers what you could call Cruel Justice/Law of Nature by draining the Beast Pirates who starved Wano and its people for decades. King and Queen hiding and recovering in Udon to serve as hypemen. Ouch. While I don't see what stopping the party to beat Ryokugyu would show that Luffy beating Kaido did not, I like that this a-hole is saving Wano just by leaving flowers behind every footstep.
Jinbe waiting for the nakama debate to end.:few: A Skypeia-style dance around the drumbeat with fireworks as the bonfire in the center is just fantastic. I'm happy every Wanonese side character made it. Kin'emon and Tsuru <3. Even Kid can't stop the fun as the whole party encapsulates everything Joy Boy, so it's touching that Momo decided to spread Joy Boy's good name around Wano after Luffy rejected taking the credit. Wonderful chapter to break on, I hope Oda gets some rest and plans everything he needs to.
You know, I don't think folk have actually fully processed how monstrously unholy Greenbull's reveal was this chapter.

This Aramaki chap just rolls up, singlehandedly neg diffs two top Yonko Commanders plus crew backup with disrespectful ease and proceeds to impale every single one of them as if his name is Vlad before slowly liquifying them to a pulp to be consumed and digested alive like the man is a truly dedicated Cell cosplayer. It is not like the bloke needs to do this, he can eat normally just fine which means he chooses to cannibalise humans in the most agonizing way possible just because he can.

This is some straight up Berserk style nightmare horror fuel. Greenbull is more intimidating in a single chapter than two Yonko antagonists are across 230+ chapters.

@Fleet Admiral Lee Hung @Blackbeard @Beerbottle
Smoothie did it too

Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars
I’ll say it again:

Honestly I think Oda knocked this introduction out of the park. Admirals have always had really awesome introductions but this intro really stands out even for the Admirals.

If you would’ve told me that Green Bull had a Fucking plant Devil Fruit two weeks ago, I would’ve written it off as lame and weak, but this motherfucker shows up brutalizing a whole damn Yonko crew and somehow making a plant fruit seem overpowered.

If you would’ve told me that Green Bull would’ve been an Absolute Justice Admiral two weeks ago, I would’ve written this off since Akainu is enough…but no; Green Bull comes into the manga as an Akainu fanboy which furthers the volcano/vegetation themes that I talked about earlier which is great writing.

If you would’ve told me that Green Bull would absolutely sodomize two top Yonko commanders casually two weeks ago, I would’ve agreed that it was possible but wouldn’t think Oda would actually draw this as it seems too fan-servicy for characters as nuanced as Admirals, but not only did this happen, Oda did this in a way that actually didn’t seem fan-servicy at all with Green Bull being an Absolute Justice Chad.

And if you would’ve told me this Fucking unit would walk into the Flower Capital like a complete madman ready to solo a force that eliminated two Yonko, even I would’ve been like “nah that’s too much” but Oda must have got just as tired of these online idiots just as much as I, because he may finally show us a remotely serious Admiral in combat.

Green Bull is a legend, and this is peak Oda at the top of his game.

Inb4 he fucks everything up again
Holy shit Buggy is a top tier lmao 😂 (Everyone related to Shanks is a new Yonkou) (It's Shanks piece) such a Oda thing to do

Holy shit Wano has an ancient weapon in it, that's massive news is that the reason Wano is a closed border

Big New Morgans is a straight up G, not even the world government can contain him

I am kinda surprised Law, Kidd, Luffy have the same bounty, really thought Luffy's would be higher

Congrats to those who guessed Ryokuugyu having a plant df, did he just low diff two Yonkou commanders holy shit. (The dude is hella op god damn)