Is Mihawk more powerful than Pranks?

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I can see Croco choosing to kill buggy but Mihawk was on board too so it's kinda odd.
I thought someone like him wouldn't care of Buggy at all.

But he decided to use him as a tool and added that once his use runs out it's time to kill him.

It's an odd contrast of someone wanting a peaceful life but having a cold ass side.
For the people engaging with Erkan, remember you're arguing with an adult with the mentality of a small child. He's in that phase right now where he's closing his ears and screaming, "la la la la, can't hear you," with his latest mantra that affirms his biases (regardless if it makes sense or not) to feel that he's taken a W. (His latest mantra is, "Mihawk scared of being Yonkou.")
He hyped it, because even WGS is scared to be a Yonko, and accepts to be a Yonko Commander :gokulaugh:

Reminder that Buggy's bounty is lower and they said he is stronger than Mihawk.:steef: Yonko > Mihawk.
Evidence. 1 Mihawk>Pranks. 2 Mihawk does not respect yonko. 3 Mihawk made a yonko Buggy for his and crocadile's goals. 4 Mihouk is more expensive than 3 yonko. 5 Buggy yonko licks him batinki
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