Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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did the author mention an account of Shank's defeat..

or are we assuming Shanks lost a battle

or is it that him loosing an arm and not fighting again with Mihawk the bar we are using.

why would Mihawk want to fight someone surpasses Shanks if he has already defeated Shanks.. why don't the viver card say that he want to fight someone stronger than him?

pretty vague innt?

so arguing that he's superior in all aspects isn't even a question.. and cannot be justified from i story narrative

when did i say its not...

i meant haki hax like zoom call haki and CoO sabotage haki

that doesn't include skill in swordsmanship ship

and yes it remains an opinion based on outdated references on Marine's end..
"zoom call haki" or "CoO sabotage haki" are passive usage that aids your fighting style, as well.

If a swordsman with FS is using FS to avoid stuff, he's still doing nothing more than a swordsman.

Your stuff would be more valid if Shanks started shooting ACoC lasers out of his eyes as his trump card or something lol.

Either way, it's impossible to deny that Mihawk's portrayal at the very, very least puts him neigh equal to Shanks given everything in teh chapter as well as title and all the canonical resources. Of course, I think he has a lot more going for him that practically states he's stronger, but I hope you won't deny the former anymore (unsure if you did before) lol
In my canon Mihawk didn't use yoru when he fought agaisnt shanks
Their battles were about skills not powers:suresure::suresure::suresure:
Wanos end was only ass because You left the forum

Because Shanks doesn’t need Mihawk to get hype.

Unlike Fraudhawk who lives off Shanks' hype lmao
If the story always compare Mihawk to Shanks and now the other ay around it means something.

The story keep talking about Mihawk swordsmans
Mihawk is a pacifist now, is seen as a subordinate by the WG and yet he's a Yonkou level threat with a Yonkou level bounty, Agenda Piece is in shambles.
Wouldve been admiral hype but Greenbull fcked it up
No one can tell me a Mihawk/Crocodile/Hancock trio for Cross Guilds wouldn't be most interesting one in series. They all ooze royalty, charisma and all around great character presence. Having those three run this Syndicate and interact. Fucking amazing.

A good break from certified goofy retards of Strawhats.
Hancocks in merijoa after captain Koby defeated her
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