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This fucker was introduced to expose Imu
Well Tensei does mean Genius in Japanese so he will most likely devise a plan and go about it smoothly, only involving top brass that he could trust.

From the chapter

Zoro: All of you! Give me a break!!
Luffy! Did you forget what you said about Ace?!
(Luffy: Ace has his own adventure to go through)
Zoro: unless it’s some serious danger, we should leave Ace to his own life, isn’t that right?!

Page 6
Zoro: are you looking down on Vivi?! We all know how strong of a woman she is!!

Genius move by Zoro. Making sure Luffy looks like a condescending asshole if he goes against what Zoro says because of precedense. Zoro just made sure One Piece doesn't end in chapter 1061 as it would if they had gone directly to Mariejois.
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