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I will never forgive Oda
1. I am quoting you cause you just talk out of your ass all the time woth no story to back it up.
Its your issue if can't understand what i wrote. While gets flabbergasted whenever you got countered.

2. Nami got shot down anytime Zoro is serious. Enies Lobby. Zoro just shut Luffy down twice.
So what !? If Luffy is dead set on something than Zoro and other's has to follow him. He's their idiotic boss.

3. Ben is shanks caretaker. He smarter than him
But it's Shanks deciding where to went or what to set target. Last time i checked, it's Shanks setting his eyes on OP rather than Ben is deciding it for next thing to do.... lol

4. Please explain to me how the SH by themselves woth no Rayleigh, no revs is beating the the WG. Go ahead you dumbass
Oye retarded head, its just like you idiots believes from GB statement that he alone can take on RHP in future.

You are so retarded that you with my first post and quoted post of CoC, couldn't understand i was making sarcasm on those believing GB with zero brain. Or you are venting your frustration from other debates. Coz you are looking sick in the head man.
The sequence is chilling, a vortex, all up to the climax: the disbelief and shock in Sabo's eyes, almost panic, the awareness of Gorosei about what was about to happen, like a real God's judgment, the first and last zoom of Imu's madness concretized in its twisting impious eyes, the parallel with the atomic bomb from a Japanese author.

All of these just make this chapter unbelievable, I never felt so tensed like this since the death of old Whitebeard, God! :zorothink:
Not open for further replies.