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I wonder what shitty excuse would be made for Kamabakka Kingdom not being nuked yet.
I think he just wants no one to know that he's the king of the world exposing the lie that there is none. The WG cut off the lines between Sabo/Dragon/Marines, so no one hears what he has to say, they don't hear and nuked him to silence him.
This chap lowkey shows Sanji > Luffy in CoO

- Luffy can tell someone is there
- Sanji can distinguish gender and hear what they are saying.

This is the second time Sanji has heard something whilst Luffy couldnt...and they were right next to each other. People made excuses for Luffy then. No more excuses. Sanji's base CoO is better than his.
I mean this was obvious. Just don't see the point considering FS>CoO. Sanji can sense as far as he wants in combat it pales in comparison to future sight.
do you think dragon is fighting akainu or im

or is he a fraud
either or . whichever one it is, i think he is getting bodied
too strong to be a second string ally
and his goal to take on the WG is undoubtedly what luffy is going to do; since we know that I am pretty sure he will be cucked. he deserves some hype tho before that inevitably happens.
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