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I don't know what to think about that Luffy/Zoro situation. I want to be hyped, but I cannot, because I don't know how the Gorosei could be any special. We know of every single ability in this verse. Making them stronger than current top tiers, who all have everything that a character could wish for, is practically impossible. We know of uber powerful DFs, we have seen awakenings, we have seen CoC infused attacks on all kinds of attack types, we have seen FS.
Even if he is someone with an op DF, it's not like that guy that accompanies him, isn't already that and more. Characters who are DF centric imo have the admirals as their clear cap and characters who are swordsmen and haki centric fighters simply have guys like Shanks and Mihawk as their cap and pretty much Luffy and Zoro already aswell in a way. And let's not talk about physical stats, when we have seen guys like Whitebeard, Kaido and Big Mom.

Either Oda is coming up with a completely new ability concept, that only they have - which I highly doubt - or Saturn is still just a seraphim plot device. And that's why I don't know what to expect from that Zoro/Luffy situation.
Zoro and Luffy will just fight kizaru, it will probably be postponed, from their design alone, we can clearly see those guys were never going to fight.:endthis:
Unbiased takes:
Luffy is a shitty mc and cringe too.
Zoro will always be below Luffy.
Sanji will never get the same portrayal zoro and luffy get and will never be respected as a character ever.
the sad reality we live in:jordamas:
I lost hope for Brook probably the most out of all the SHs. The only thing he reliably delivers on are lame jokes.

Usopp is bound to get his shine towards the end of the series when he achieves his dream. But Franky is a cyborg, no reason not to give him more firepower on the world's biggest genius' island Oda:josad:
Brook has the most potential of all sh

EOS he should be YC1+. Imagine if he got Nidai Kitetsu+Ice powers+awakened fruit+ AdCoO. He would be a monster.
Oda should've let him neg Apoo instead of having him high diff fodders during the Black maria fight.
Wano wasn't that toxic for me - atleast not as toxic as wci

Every week it was bloodshed - every week it was meltdown on OJ.

The only time I have seen zoro and luffy fanbase united for the cause lol
Agreed. Majority of people at the time were literally calling Whole Cake the worst arc in One Piece. It wasn't until Wano when people started calling it one of the best. Wano was half of the people calling it peak One Piece and half calling it the worst.
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