Who is gonna win this battle(of likes): Worst or Warchief Sanji D Goat?

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Read the panels

Please and you have been embarrassing as fuck for years, at some point you even denied Zoro has AdvCoC

Luffy says "Don't Kill Vegapunk and my friends (Sanji and others) after I free you"

Sanji literally says "With Zoro there they won't lose against Kaku Stussy and Lucci"
Zoro wasn't even concerned about Lucci, when Kaku attacked, he said who disturbed my nap

Lucci was too scare to even attack Zoro

You might actually lack a brain.
Does every Luffy fan has to be as dumb as Luffy himself?
"With Zoro there, they wont lose against..." who are they, is it Chopper or something?

My friends (Sanji and others) welp you do make this info yourself dont you?

Lucci was too scared to even attack Zoro, which image did this impression come from?
I wonder when Zoro will remember about King's abilities? These kids don't take damage wtf? Zoro after 10 chapters. white hair, black skin, wings, I think I'm know what to do!
I like Zoros fighting style, he probably has the best fights in the series. Luffy has some great ones too. But man imagine them with Laws brain. Just compare how they, or well mostly Zoro, handled Hawkins compared to Law who figured him out in seconds. Killer got it pretty quickly as well but had to suffer a bit first.
Im assuming you also think zoro cant hurt them in flame mode either?
Yes for now, because no proof. King was only hurt without his flame by Zoro.
But if there is a possibility that you can hurt them with flame, it's probably only with adv.coc.

This page where King is bleeding, got edited by anime because Oda wanted :

By this :
Ps : I'm just claiming those things from what we have seen so far in the manga.


Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
For me zoro has three states
Base zoro: he doesnt use his strong attacks like sanzai Sekai por asura.
Serious zoro: he uses strong attack without adv coc.
King of the hell: he uses adv coc
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