Who is gonna win this battle(of likes): Worst or Warchief Sanji D Goat?

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Yeah i know Luffy > Zoro, didnt have to state the obvious. But in pre and post TS, Luffy have said Lucci will kill his nakama, the exact same. I dunno where you get this wild idea that Kuma > Prime WB idea tho, Prime WB is still WSM.
Read the panels

Please and you have been embarrassing as fuck for years, at some point you even denied Zoro has AdvCoC

Luffy says "Don't Kill Vegapunk and my friends (Sanji and others) after I free you"

Sanji literally says "With Zoro there they won't lose against Kaku Stussy and Lucci"
Zoro wasn't even concerned about Lucci, when Kaku attacked, he said who disturbed my nap

Lucci was too scare to even attack Zoro

You might actually lack a brain.
Does every Luffy fan has to be as dumb as Luffy himself?
Zoro>All out G4 confirmed again.

Zoro in base send an oponenent stronger than S-Bear Flying while Luffy need G4 and Ryu.

Also internal destruction confirmed useless against Lunarian.

King was an adult Lunarian + Ancian Zoan + Haki.

Ancian Zoan that make your body a weapon>>>mr1 DF.

Haki >>>hakiless swordstyle, Hakiless Attack from seraphim.

Base Zoro >G4 Luffy.

Zoro was fighting endgame oponenent in Wano and people where mocking him.

KoH is a bigger deal than We think.
Tbh if ZKK actually happened Luffy would lose all his value as in Wano
Blocked Hakai
Carried Luffy
Stole Luffy's lunch money on roof top
scred Kaido and Big Mom
Scared Kaido
Defeated A Lunarian
Unlocked AdvCoA

Did all that in one arc

If he also killed Kaido on top of that, Luffy fans will send Oda death threats
Lol, MVP. 🤣🤣
Not according to Kaidou. Notice how Zoro was able to do all this only when Kaidou put his focus on Luffy. He blocked Hakai but saved by Law twice.
He didn't scare bigmom/kaidou lol. More than Zoro, his sword got elevation. 🤣🤣
By your logic, Luffy red roc first attack and gatling 'scared' bigmom. And by same logic, Kaidou also scared of G2 hawk attack.
He didn't 'steal' anything.
Of course, zoro got good focus as he is also japanese based character, which is undeniable but at the end, more than all of this, ZKK fiasco offset all these things. If there is no such theory, maybe Zoro fans are the biggest winners in that arc.
I don't even know why people debating about Seraphims and King
Seraphims hype =/= King's
They don't just rely on Lunarian toughness or 2 things.
They are also called strongest humans by Vegapunk. King has no such claim or hype.

Sbear also demands more force since he's way bigger and bulker than other seraphims.
The fact Oda used Luffy and lucci to end S-bear proves he's the toughest and probably strongest seraphim.
"Strongest" lol nothing indicates that

"Internal internal damage can hurt", lmao g4 luffy and hybrid lucci failed to even drop a blood.

In flame mode Lunarian are just invincible, good lessons for everyone. Adv.coc rules


By the way Woro without haki is equal to G4 haki prove me wrong:cheers:
Okay wtf is base zoro
Base Zoro - Santoryu , Nitoryu , Ittoryu
Asura Zoro
KoH z
You guys are so retarded. You think there was an entire race of people all stronger than "WCI Luffy"? Thousands/millions of "Low Top Tiers"?

Your "invincible lunarian" got turned into plant food. Please stfu

Wci Luffy and Katakuri are both Peak High tiers

Seraphs are low top tiers


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
What? Brat Kuma needed Hybrid Lucci + G4 Luffy, while Brat Posthawk needed Zoro and base Kaku, it's Kuma hype Man.

Not saying anything about Prime WB tho lol Shishio is the one proposing wild ideas about Prime WB outta nowhere
You proposing Kuma is above Posthawk is itself as bad as Kidd fans saying kidd can beat Snitch
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