Who is gonna win this battle(of likes): Worst or Warchief Sanji D Goat?

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Oh god damn it
that translated page with Vegapunk
The Cypher Pol agents were being kidnapped for months
and the real Vegapunk didn't know about it
so I think the traitor really is a vegapunk nooooo
That doesn't make any sense since he was kidnapped too.

Once again Oda is cornering himself into a trap he will have to retcon or have a really poor excuse to come out.

Traitor plot is starting to get stupid.

It can't be a WG ally because they arrested CP agents but it can't be a Vegapunk/Revos ally either since they are being harmed.
Law and Kidd can mid diff Blackbeard and Shanks 2v1 100%, but i don't see them doing it solo. It would be nice to see Law defeat BB and Kidd Shanks, but i don't see it story wise. I still think that Shanks isn't a good guy, well... he is a pirate of course he isn't a good guy, but i mean not a "good" one piece guy. He is plotting something, how did he knew that Kidd has a road poneglyph? I wouldn't be surprised if Shanks turns out to be just like Blackbeard, but more sneaky, trying not to catch too much attention.
me and you are like the only people hyped over this but as far as im concerned, theory is on the way to being confirmed
Yep. A lot of people dont realize that Shanks, while having a friendly persona, still is a pirate doing pirate things. It seems other potentially crews pay him protection money in order for him to retaliate if anyone gets hurt under him

The idea of that overall is just morally grey lol
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