Why did York Betray Vegapunk?

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If you go back to previous chapters and look for York you will notice a trend of her disappearing before somehting happens and then she reappears afterwards. If anything this just shows that most of the other Vegapunks are brainlets.
The only event she was absent to do was ordering the Seraphim to kill the Vegapunks.

She was with the Punks when the laser grid turned off
She was with Pythagoras and others when Stella was taken
She was stone when Shaka was shot
I don't think she was still a stone when Shaka was shot, S-Snake probably un-petrified her and then she to where the real Vegapunk was and shot Shaka when she saw him.
Maybe, it depends on if the rumors are true. There’s rumors she’s with snake right now attacking atlas.

As such, I doubt she had the time to run down to the hidden basement, then run back up and over a building to get to atlas’ group
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