Why did York Betray Vegapunk?

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bonney and kuma emotional moments is out of place this chapter bc the focus is seems to be in the upcoming war and the traitor plot.
oda could have done better 😭😭
that was half-assed fb too :kriwhat:
People should know by now that Oda would throw power scaling in trash for some drama , gag or anything else really .
If you not notice that by now you got to be blind.
Agree. Especially with bounties being used for puns/references instead of common sense.
But grown ass men will spam insults and low tier agenda for their fav character like they get paid for it
Look at all the damage Kaido incurred prior to his final clash on Onigashima.
Awakening Law + KoH Zoro, literally shit on the entire offensive output of pre CoC rooftop. An significantly at that. Now ur adding Kids legitimate top tier AP, plus an additional ACoC in Yamato to the situation!!!!!!!

Despite all of that, it still took an Island sized fist, infused with AdCoA and AdCoC to get the upper hand on Kaido's ultimate Form, and bury him thousands of feet under ground within a volcano to finally defeat him.
Law awakening alone arguely superior to every ACoC G5 attack barring BG. But table that, Not exactly sure what mental gymnastics you’ve cooked up in ur brain. But ur arguing 3 characters with top tier attack power/lethality themselves, can’t replicate What 1 top tier. An the pre CoC rooftop gauntlet did, which is completely nonsensical to say the least.

How are they competing with Kaido's ultimate form?
law/Zoro mainly. Shambles legit trolls Kaido ability to hit Law or any critical teammate.

Kiado flames have no relevance whatsoever against Laws awakening. Zoro can just cut through it.

An at the moment ACoC isn’t able to block law awakening either, at that size, an with this much additional help. Law can hit Kaido with awakening at will, not sure how u scale BG/PW. But 3, an a KoH attack should be more then enough. Even for Kaido.
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