Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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It's realistic message. Losers who were born losers will die losers
:luuh: Look at you, you just learned something new.

Kid lasted far more longer than he was actually supposed to due to plot armor, seeing how stupid he was rushing to fight Yonko with no plan. That's not strong will, that's just being top tier dumbass
born with conquerors haki
so potential in the 1 percent
shanks is clearly that guy .
I wonder if team "cheering on Kidd" includes only Kidd fans, or Shanks haters as well?

People claimed there are like 3 Kidd fans on the forum, but apparently not:
Being fans or not doesn't have to do with who you rooting for

You'd think the one cheering Shanks are Shanks fans too??
Many of them are Mihawk/Zoro fans that have vendetta against Shanks more than any other
But at least Oda sends a clear message to his readers:

“It doesn’t matter how hard you work for you dreams, how strongminded you are, how much you give up for it. You wont reach your goal, as long as you are not from a legendary lineage and get trained by the best in the world. So, if you are born poor, stay like that, be a slave, don’t have dreams or hope. You are nothing, and you will stay nothing. Except you are rich and your lineage is legendary.”
Give me a popular shounen MC which doesn't do that?
Naruto? Hokage kid with the most powerful demon sealed within his body
Ichigo? Shinigami-Quincy-Hollow hybrid, unique and OP
Deku started as a quirkless kid only to get the ultimate One for All from Allmight
Asta - another quirkless, I mean magicless MC, who got the craziest power of Antimagic, effectively cancelling whatever is thrown at him
Denji made a contract with the most powerful devil who can erase existence of other demons
Gon is a son of a crazy strong hunter Ging, although at least he has peers who are similar in terms of strength

Unfortunately, most of shounen MCs are sPeCiAL, but in case with Luffy I agree that it's going way too far, I kinda preferred him as a dude who made best of a supposedly shitty fruit.
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