Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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This chapter legit just proved that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is ever going to touch Shanks except for Luffy and a powered-up Blackbeard.

Not Kidd.

Not Law.

Not Admirals.

Not any of the Yonkos.

Not Mihawk.

Not even Dragon I would bet.

He’s Oda’s Golden Boy. Just being in his presence will automatically make you look like a tier less stronger. There’s No fighting it just accept it for what it is. :hapnoel:
Mihawk stans won't accept it until it's too late unfortunately, just like some of them still believe in ZKK to this day lol:risitavirus:
Kidd defeated a half Big Mom

Now he+his entire crew are defeated by Shanks, the Yonko who is considered lowest among the Yonko ONLY because his subordinate crews are weak. The Redhair pirates proper are really just Shanks&his og crew for the most part.

Kidd was sacrificed as a hype tool for Shanks.
Not even a half, I'd say maybe 23% on a good day. Law carried his bum ass.
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