Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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How strong do you guys think Luffy's fleet captains will ultimately stack up to the "commanders" and be relative to Shanks?
Remember their formation and purpose is even more unorthodox than Shanks's fleet/crew.
Luffy by chance got a very strong grand fleet. Werent they all battling about in the Colosseum? Many had reasonable bounties.
I will see in that pannel if this is true. Anyway Kidd wanted to use smart move - defeate fodders with one attack, to leave only his crew vs Shanks. Now why you call Kid fodder? Shanks can do the same to each crew, maybe except Luffy's and other Younko.
He is fodder since the allied forces of shanks grand fleet were stated to ve fodder. Shanks future only showed the weak fleet being damaged no one else lol
The reason Oda is an amazing writer is that he got fools like you to like Kidd so much that you would think he even stands a chance against Shanks, and then fooled you by having Shanks end his career, and in the process, making you guys look like absolute fools for falling for it, and making us, non-Midd stans feel great.
Truth is i can't be believe anyone think he stood a chance after how Oda write the BM fight for them to win and that was a 2 on 1 lol.
several things

shanks's attack must be equal to roger's or at least similar in power, and I destroy kidd and killer together.

This increases the durability of oden to infinity, who receives it full and point blank and shrugs asking for more.

again oda through shanks climbs a podium to oden.

What a horrible way to destroy the dreams of kidd's pirates, and what a lack of balls all kid's subordinates have

luffy will have to grow a lot if fighting shanks is on the agenda
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