Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Same strategy that Lucci thinks S-Hawk is using too :zorothink:
Yip which is going to now be dumb since the strong will work even harder to protect the weak lol
because of FS yes .
But oda showed us that Kid would have cleared the whole fleet . DIrectly whens hanks would ahve reached the shore . But shanks saw it with fs and jumped to Kid ships dont know how the hell he jumped this far or kid was realy close by to the shore and sneaked him before he do it .
This was not a fair fight .
Attacking someone when h eis attacking someone else is coward stuff and shanks always do BS like that.
He would have cleared the fleet had he been allowed to attack them first. Again this was dumb since the strong as shown this chapter would end you even quicker as a result.

You always take out the strong as soon as possible so that the weak will loss their will to fight.
Yeh Oda genuinely goes out of his way to show the audience that the Kidd pirates deserve it lol
I hoped for Kidd to.change his ways and go through some character development

Didn't happen, now he goes down as the evil version of Luffy, a fitting end for a character that goes against everything that One Piece as a story stands for.
You're happy cause you think SNs stole Sanji and zoro places
Last minutes or early minutes isn't the problem
You do realise most characters were planned way after OG 5 SHs? Admirals, Warlords,...

JUST CAUSE you love Sanji and want more doesn't mean you have to accept what Oda does to other characters.

fans basically wasted years reading these chapters and Oda also wasted his own time writing SNs and Yonko saga

Yonkp saga and everything feels like total filler...useless. same way I called Rooftop filler where Yonko were made retarded for SNs to survive.
No progress done for kid and Co, except Luffy

This isn't a good storytelling
I don't understand how readers can follow a series for specific characters only.

And ofc the Yonko saga was filler.
Oda is a marketing genius, he could have told the whole story within 5-10 years.
He added more plotlines so he can milk the cow 'til it's dry
Jesus Christ, this is worse than I thought. I can't imagine Luffy and Zoro getting one shot by anybody, this is really embarrassing. Killer can't even save his captain, as a smile user. Let them drown at this point, they served their purpose, whatever it was.

Oda should have let Law fight Big Mom on his own for all this mess to make sense. Kidd didn't do shit during the fight, got his ass carried by Shambles-Boy all along.

So much for "Luffy's rival". The guy is a joke and an embarrassment.
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