Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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So even Shanks with his sword + advCoC can't cut Kidd?? same with Roger.....
Rather the damage looks more like a blunt force attack
So in most case advCoC is like a beam whether it shoots from sword, fist, Club.

Zoro sword + Adcoc cuts people.........
Sounds fishy
Another never ending debate will spark between 2 fandom again

So are we going to ignore shanks fight with WSS and shanks using swords everytime he does something like at MF and now and even against WB to resort to delusional headcannon that shanks isn't swordsman?
Delusional is u making assumptions u saw him fight for like 3 panels in the entire series and u call him and roger swordsman, king and big mom use haki and swords doesn't make them a swordsman
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