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I've bet against Zoro for 8 years straight when it comes to major debates, everytime you guys cry :
  • Zkk
  • Zoro vs Jack
  • Zoro will fight and beat Sanji if he finds out the truth about wci
  • Zoro will have 1.5B or more
  • Zoro will save wano and surpass Oden (make black blade)
  • Orochi is top tier, above Oden
  • And more stupid wanks I forget since OJ forum till now.
Zoro vs Kizaru is just another zkk
Zoro vs kiz is not another zkk
Bcs doubt they expect zoro to beat him in this arc just clashes
Maybe some belive but it s a small amount

Sasaki Kojirō

You're back at the perfect time to mock the Admiral bros.
I used to think I was the best at mocking the admirals for their lamentable performances, but in reality, ODA is the best among all; he doesn't even care about maintaining appearances anymore. Lol.
Match ups
Luffy vs Saturn
Zoro and Sanji vs Lizaru
Doberman vs Lucci
York vs Vegapunk
VA Hulk Hogan vs Franky
VA Bear man vs Jinbe
VA Doll vs Robin
VA Triple chin vs Chopper
VA Grandma vs Nami
VA Fish Teeth vs Brook
VA Longbeard vs Usopp
VA Lipstick man vs Kaku


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
That is still more believable than killing him
At that time majority were arguing he won't even do that....

And, now most zoro fans are simply saying If gorosei is strong fighter then Luffy will be busy with him leaving zoro vs kizaru ( a fight but not beating him)
Most aren't even saying zoro will win against kizaru . All they are saying is he will fight him because Luffy will be preoccupied by Saturn...

You making things in in your head and then go around saying zoro fans are delusional
exactly i just want something hype from zoro and i can't see anyone dealing with saturn but luffy.
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