One Piece Chapter 1090: "Admiral Kizaru"

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Several things come in mind:
  • want to toss the Ship? Luffy G5 toss all the escapees, then VegaForce1 throw Luffy
  • Bonney weirdness. Catarina Devon? If Luffy leaves, then it will be dangerous for lilith & Franky. Not that Franky incapable. Well, i doubt it though.
  • the one who could help Sentoumaru on Baseground fast are Sanji & S-Hebi via Luffy. Luffy is on the same level of hierarchy with Gorosei only for S-Hebi. But, usually Zoro is the one who does on Luffy behalf
  • Lucci is wary of Stussy, is like trying to save Himself if SH-Vegapunk get done by Marine. He did sent information to Kizaru side.
  • I guess, SH-Vegapunk side will get injured pretty good on their successfull escape so that the Fight advance to Elbaf
Usually in terms of Escaping, Mr Prince Will appear